Boost Your Brand During Delivery

Faster, more reliable delivery experiences that fuel customer happiness. No more wasteful packaging, shipping delays, or spoilage.

Designed for Perishables

In-city Refrigeration

Centrally-located cold storage for your products keeps them fresh until they arrive on your customers doorstep

Same-Day Delivery

Offer faster, scheduled delivery windows with same-day and next-day options at checkout

Zero Spoilage

Our refrigerated delivery fleet keeps products cold and achieves over 99% On-Time-Deliveries

Customer Experience

Real-time tracking, delivery ETA notifications, and chat directly with your courier

Reduced Waste

Save on shipping costs without the need for bulky insulation, heavy ice packs, and expensive shipping labels

Ecommerce Plugins

Sealed easily integrates with your online store to automate fulfillment and deliveries

Traditional carriers are not designed for perishables


Spoilage in warm warehouses and trucks


Unreliable delivery windows


No reimbursements for spoilage


Wasteful, bulky, and heavy ice packs and packaging


Large heavy boxes need expensive shipping labels


Customers leaving with poor delivery experiences

Brands Love Us

Post-Purchase Matters


of consumers say that shipping impacts brand loyalty


of consumers will not return to a brand again after a poor delivery experience

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