No more package problems

Offsite package handling and resident-scheduled delivery

Free up your staff

Sealed is a unique and premium amenity that reduces your operating costs.

Your staff are busy leasing and assisting residents, and shouldn’t be spending time managing packages. Let them do the job you hired them for.

Package-free leasing office

Too many packages cluttering up your front desk? Large packages not fitting in your overflowing lockers?

We can handle any number and size of packages, preventing overflow and elminating space constraints.

Luxury and convenience

Residents expect their packages to arrive safely and on-time. Our unique service makes your listings more attractive to residents.

Happy residents stay longer and complain less.

Focus on what matters

The WSJ reports that each package can take 10 minutes to handle. With hundreds of deliveries a month, this costs property managers thousands of dollars.

With more time to do their job, leasing agents can keep more units filled and increase revenue.

Unlimited Packages

Property managers don't have to worry about packages filling up the leasing office, lobby or front desk.

Any-Sized Packages

Large or small, we deliver it exactly on your residents schedule.

Relieve Staff

Free up time and let staff focus on leasing, customer service, and doing their job.

Same-Day Delivery

Our automated service center gets packages to residents faster than manual processing in the lobby.

Easy App

Residents can schedule deliveries for when they are home. No more complaints to property managers.

Increase Revenue

Improve resident experience while reducing operating costs and letting agents focus on leasing.

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